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Currently, the group of companies annually produces 1,200 tons of rations for animals, 4,000 swines for slaughter, and industrializes 3,000 tons of products with swine meat. In all, it possesss 50 employed and a volume of sales in the order of 6,300,000€, distributing essentially in the districts of Setúbal, Lisboa, and Alentejo, making use of proper nets of distribution for all the activities.

Therefore, the CNC is inserted in a group structure of familiar enterprise, working with base in a strategy of vertical integration of component activities in the agro-to feed sector of the swine meat:

The CNC is a limited liability company (LLC) of familiar nature, withheld currently for two partners whose action is verified in the agro-feeding sector, being part of a group of companies withheld by the same proprietors, forming an integrated set of activities:


Currently with new installations equipped with high technology and a rigorous quality control based in the HACCP method, CNC guarantees an end item of quality, gotten in perfect sanitary and hygienic conditions.

The organization was established in 1941 by José Manuel Pinto, grandfather of the actual proprietors. At this time, its activity limited to slaughtering two animals per week and to commercialize the meat, being practically null the industrial transformation, reduced only to the artisan exploitation of the remaining portions of the meat. It was initiated, at the time, the swine creation through acquisition of young pigs in Alentejo, promoting only its fattening in proper installations.

Close to 1955, the leadership of the company was delivered to its son-in-law Artur Marques, that constructed new installations and acquired equipment for the industrial transformation of the meat. Starting to be placed in the market the first sausage products with its brand It is still at this time that the farming capacity is increased through investments in semi-automatic installations for pig farms, with capacity for 500 animals.

This situation remained up to 1974, year where they industrialized about 150 animals/month, with a labour volume of 8 people. However, due to the social instability and politics of the time and the tending institucional orders to close down a great number of municipal slaughter houses the company was disabled to continue its industrial activity, limited to commercialize the sausage products of other manufacturers, at the same time that it was obliged to sell its pig farm production to others. An important discontinuity in the activity of the company is provoked ant throughout one decade it sees collated with innumerable problems , being put to danger its existence.

In 1985, with a new legislation in the sector of the meat industry the situation of the slaughter houses was inverted, making possible to the organization of Artur Marques the return to the industrial activity. By this time, the management of the company is assumed by the sons of Artur Marques that, associating the practical experience of the activity with acquired superior formation (management and engineering), revitalize all the organization, transforming it into a set of companies with good perspectives of growth. Through the creation of new companies (AMF, ANIMAGRO and CNC) they introduce new links in the chain of activities through the construction of a plant to produce rations for animals, to the magnifying and complete automatization of the cattle installations, extending this activity to the reproduction, creation and selection of animals, getting an "closed cycle" exploration, that obeys to all the demanded requirements of the ambient point of view.

From 2004, strong investments are made (above 3.000.000 €) in the modernization of the industrial sector, endowing the CNC with installations and equipment that allows the communitarian homologation of the company. Being based on a strategy to make the company more competitive external and internally, the variety of traditional sausage products is widened deeply, manufactured with modern adequate methods to match the qualitative requirements. Adequate politics of marketing and modern distribution methods are created, giving reply to the new necessities of the consumers.

CNC - Companhia Nacional de Carnes
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