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Our end products presents a characteristic flavour, due to the traditional processes of cure, based in a rigorous quality control.

Trimmings and Fats Products

Clique para aumentar! Pig Lard Lard is a product that gets after the elaboration of greaves. It is one of the best fats to use i... + info Clique para aumentar! Pressed Greaves Pressed Product gotten through the fusing of a selection of pig fats, holding muscular staple fib... + info Clique para aumentar! Rissol Greaves Product gotten from the fusing of pig intestine fat to a controlled temperature. Later this produ... + info Clique para aumentar! Separated Greaves Small pieces of fat , fried to a controlled temperature in order to get cracking and flavorful gr... + info

CNC - Companhia Nacional de Carnes
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