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Our end products presents a characteristic flavour, due to the traditional processes of cure, based in a rigorous quality control.

Sausages Products

Clique para aumentar! Bloody Chourizo Made of perforated fats of pig and added blood, stews and of some condiments as the vinegar. Full... + info Clique para aumentar! Cacholeira Cooked, elaborated with pork meat and blood, in pig gut and added some co... + info Clique para aumentar! Chourição Extra Elaborated with a combination of pig meats and fats that are flavoured with some spices. Then is ... + info Clique para aumentar! Chourizo Current Banana Meat Constituted of meat and fats of pig, pricked and added some condiments as, salt, garlic, chili, a... + info Clique para aumentar! Chourizo Extra Ring Meat Elaborated with meat and selected lard, and added some condiments as the salt, garlic, mass of ch... + info Clique para aumentar! Farinheira Elaborated through a combination of worn out, soft and consistent fats of pig, flour of wheat and... + info Clique para aumentar! Filete Afiambrado Product consisting basically of meat and fat of pig, treated for pickling brine and submitted la... + info Clique para aumentar! Linguiça Elaborated with a combination of pig meats and some perforated fats that are flavoured with garli... + info Clique para aumentar! Morcela Made with a combination of lard, blood and flour of wheat, flavoured with garlic and salt among o... + info Clique para aumentar! Mortadela / Mortadela with olives Product elaborated with meat and perforated fat of pig. The product is placed to matur, during a ... + info Clique para aumentar! Mourish Chourizo Prepared with pig meat, added fat and blood, and certain condiments as the salt, pepper, cumin am... + info Clique para aumentar! Painho Product made from pork loin, without fats. The meat is flavoured with chili, salt, garlic, among ... + info Clique para aumentar! Paio York Product made from a selected pork meat, without fats, in relatively great pieces. Placed in spice... + info Clique para aumentar! Paiola Elaborated with a seleccion of pork, without fat, cut in relatively great pieces. Placed in pickl... + info Clique para aumentar! Pork Roll Elaborated from pork loin, cut in single part and spiced with salt, garlic, chili, etc. After the... + info Clique para aumentar! Salpicão Produced from a selection of loin and spiced with garlic, salt, wine among others. The wadding is... + info Clique para aumentar! Traditional Chourizo from Palmela Elaborated with a seleccion of pork, cut in small fragments, with chili, salt, garlic, piri-piri,... + info Clique para aumentar! Wine Chourizo Elaborated with a selection of pork, beyond the wine as main condiment, it still presents in its ... + info

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