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The CNC possess installations equipped with high technology and a rigorous quality control, based on HACCP method, that guarantees a end item in perfect sanitary and hygienic conditions.

Being food quality an imperative that makes responsible governments, economic and consuming agents, CNC cannot leave to consider this basic security measure as a goal of its enterprise strategy.

The European and national legislations establish a picture of responsibilities making the competent authorities and economic agents to execute official controls, in the development and application of systems of self-control, that garantee the security of the alimentary products that each economic agent introduces in the market. Is established in the cited legislation, that the implementation of the plans of selfcontrol, apply to the principles of the method of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, this method is known by acronym HACCP.

The CNC fulfills its legal obligations in case of alimentary security, but, it is conscientious of its responsibilities towards its customers and consumers. In this direction, has developed a Plan of selfcontrol, not as a mere objective to give fulfilment to the legal disposals, but because it constitutes a commitment assumed with its customers and consumers, whom translates its politics of alimentary security . So that this objective is reached, correct implementation of HACCP method is necessary and the conscientious and responsible envolvement of all the workers of the company.

The Administration of the CNC assumes the commitment to assure all, material and pedagogical resources necessary the human development and application of the Plan of selfcontrol. It still commits itself to follow its evolution, through the nomination of a permanent representative in Self-control staff. There are key factors for the accomplishment of this commitment, the envolvement of all the collaborators, creating a sense of responsibility and stimulating the teamwork.

This politics of alimentary security goes to the meeting of the CNC objectivs, is communicated and understood for all the organization and is reviewed by form to verify its adequateness in the revisions of System HACCP.

The CNC is certain that the application of this politics will be a form to reach the confidence of its customers and consumers, with competitive standards of quality and alimentary security.

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