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1 - Head
2 - Collars bone
3 - Espádua
4 - Ham
5 - Loin Ribs
6 - Pork Ribs
7 - Leg

The pig is an animal that is 100% consumed. About 60% of its meat is consumed fresh, serving the remain for transformed, smoked, cooked, salty, cured and dry products. It is a sufficiently nutritional meat, and in the generality of the commercialized parts, it presents a uniform pink color, more or less dark , with changeable amounts of intramuscular and covering fat. Due to the slaughter age of these animals, the meat is usually tender and soft.

The pig can be divided in some parts, such as:

Part consisting of the leg, the lumbar, dorsal and cervical region, and respective muscles and cut ribs to one third. The back fat is divided in three parts:

corresponding to the posterior member and can present several cuts in function of the destination that we want to give to it. However, she is almost always boned.

Back Ribs
Part that corresponds to the lumbar hemi-vertebrae, dorsal and cervical. It is cut in slices with bone, breaking up itself in three parts: Loin back Ribs, Shoulder Picnic and Spare ribs.

Corresponding to the digit extremities of the members.

Larded with pork ribs
Part consisting of the skin, abdominal muscles and ribs. This part, after boned, salty and smoked gives origin to the "bacon".

Pork Ribs
Part that, separated of the lard and the adjacent muscular layer, involves the region correspondent to the section that separates the ribs from the loin.

Section of meat without bone, that corresponds to the fulfilling muscular mass of the lumbar vertebral leak. Boneless and fatless. Fills the lumbar internal leak.

Corresponding section of the hind member after removed the foot with the nail.

Larded Skin
It corresponds to the skin and to the subcutaneous regions of the neck, Loin and superior halves of the members.

Part that resulted from the cut of the vertical branches of the jaw, without the fat.

Set of chest and abdominal organs, such as: heart, jowls, trotters, tail, shrink, Tongues, Livers.

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