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Our end products presents a characteristic flavour, due to the traditional processes of cure, based in a rigorous quality control.

The origin of the smoked products is located in the time where the Man felt necessity to conserve the meat for long periods of time. The discovery of this form results in two distinct processes, salted and the smoked meat.

The salt was applied to the meat of pig and the meat of cow and the fumage applied to the meat of pig and birds. Greeks and Romans, after discovering the fumage technique had equally passed to smoke the same meat after salting it.

Perfectionings to this technique also took them to smoke foods with different types of firewood, therefore had discovered that, in some cases, this modified foods, making them even more flavorful.

The smoked products are considered products of high value for our health, therefore supply them much energy and are a good protein source. When one is enjoyed of good health and ideal weight, does not have to deprive of the pleasure of a good Portuguese chourizo. However, the consumption of smoked products must be moderate for all the types of people, mainly for those with cholesterol problems.


In the manufacture of the Portuguese smoked products, the CNC follows to the scratch the traditional rules such as, the flavour, the wadding, and the firewood used.


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